Why Your Worldview Matters

This isn’t a political, theological or philosophical site. It’s a site about women getting and staying active in the great outdoors. Especially we older women.

Pretty benign. Pretty noncontroversial.

Why talk about worldview?

Because your assumptions about what nature is and where it came from are — believe it or not — fundamental to what you believe about life.

Common worldviews in our society

The prevailing worldview of our secularized American/Western society is that nature is a product of evolutionary forces working completely randomly over billions of years. People are part of that random process and we are all (us and nature) equally meaningless. The goal of my life is just to get through it and suck all I can out of it.

This worldview is sometimes called secular humanism or naturalism. It’s based on naturalistic science.

Another growing worldview, influenced by religions from the East, is that nature is itself divine. We are all (people, pine cones, puppies) equally gods. The goal of my life is to focus on developing my own divinity, defining my own truth and goodness.

The hindu religion holds this worldview, as does New Age or “cosmic humanism”.

The worldview I believe…

Nature is the creation of a God who’s above both it and us. He created it on purpose and with purpose. He first created everything we see in nature, then created us to care for and enjoy it. The goal of my life is to discover who God is, why He made me, and to cooperate with Him in living my life for His glory and purposes.

This is known as the Judeo-Christian worldview.

Of course there are other worldviews and countless combinations of various worldviews. Some people just sort of get carried along life without knowing what they believe or stopping to think why they believe it.

Regardless of your worldview…

Whatever your worldview, you’re welcome here at Active Outdoor Women. But you need to know that everything you’ll find here is based on the assumption of the Judea-Christian worldview.

This worldview is based on the Bible. I believe the Bible is God’s message to us, that it’s true, it’s based in history, and it speaks to all of life.

You may not buy that. But you need to know this site is based on that assumption. And you’re still welcome to be part of this community as long as we can all “play together nicely.” 🙂

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