Whole Health

Here at Active Outdoor Women, we believe God created humans with a physical body, a mind, a heart or soul, and a spirit. All of them together in one organism.

It’s astounding how each part of us contributes to and is dependent on the other parts.

To be healthy—really healthy—means that each of those parts is healthy.

Whole health is what I believe Jesus meant when He said He came to give us life and life abundantly (John 10:10). Not just physical health but a healthy thought life and mind, healthy emotions and a healthy spirit.

We all know exercise is important to our health. We’re tempted to limit that to just our physical health (so we don’t get fat or so we can lose weight). But it’s important for our whole health—our mind, heart and spirit, too.

So we talk a lot about physical activity here at Active Outdoor Women, and the many benefits we reap from it.

Amazingly, when God created the earth with its beauty and diversity He planned it so that the natural world benefits our health, too. People who love the outdoors instinctively get that, even if they don’t know or believe God designed it that way.

That’s why the outdoors and outdoor activity is being used so much as therapy these days.

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