Why We Need Healthy Bones

healthy bones

I’m in my mid-50s, so bone health is on my mind a lot. If you’re still a 20 or 30-something, maybe it’s never occurred to you. But bone health is …

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Beauty in the Ordinary

beauty in the ordinary

Do you look for beauty in the ordinary things of life? It’s easy to take “ordinary” beauty for granted. But it’s out there, and will enrich our souls if we …

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Should Doctors Prescribe Outdoor Activity?

prescribe outdoor activity?

Did you know there’s a movement out there that’s researching and encouraging outdoor activity and nature as treatment for disease, instead of prescription drugs? It’s a thing—a growing thing. I’ve …

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Good News about Moderate Exercise and Longevity

moderately active is good

(Updated 1/12/22) Here’s some very good news about the connection between regular moderate exercise and longevity—not just a longer life, but a more enjoyable life! If you really don’t like …

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Why Your Brain Loves Exercise

why your brain loves exercise

While regular exercise is great for all our body’s systems, let’s focus on why your brain loves exercise. Dr. Caroline Leaf is a neuroscientist from South Africa. She wrote an …

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Why Strength is Key to Optimal Health

strength training

I’ll admit it—I’ve never like strength training! Oh, I know it’s good for me. And I’ve done it in the past. But I decided I needed to revisit strength training …

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When Being Fit is Better than Being Skinny

fit or skinny?

On almost everyone’s New Year’s Resolutions List is “getting (or staying) fit” and “losing weight.” And most people only last about three weeks before giving up. The good news? It’s …

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