How to Find Local Parks & Trails

find local parks and trails

2020 is the perfect year to find local parks, trails, waterways and campgrounds that are new-to-you. You know how most of us think we have to go on a road …

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Gear-Up for the Coming Cold Weather!

gear up for the cold

For many of us, moving into autumn means moving into cold weather. That doesn’t have to mean hibernation!! I’ve found there are two major factors in not retreating indoors during …

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Wild Edible Berries of the Midwest

wild edible berries

The wild edible berries covered here are found in the Midwest of the US, since that’s where I live. There are so many others, too, but this will get you …

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15 Favorite Rocky Mountain Wildflowers

wildflowers header

Some of my very favorite wildflowers are the tiny-but-tough alpine flowers that only the privileged few who hike up into the high altitudes get to see. They always makes me …

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15 Favorite Midwestern Wildflowers

favorite wild flowers

Wildflowers are one of the wonders of our natural world. They grow, literally, everywhere (except maybe Antarctica) in mind-blowing variety. One of my favorite things about being outdoors during the …

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