Gear Review: Seirus Neofleece Combo Scarf

face mask

This Neofleece Combo Scarf by Seirus is a must for winter climates like Minnesota. It’s one of the best $25 I’ve ever spent so I can keep running, walking and skiing outside even with wind chills well below zero.

Why I love it

It’s Windproof

The face mask section is made out of what Seirus calls Neofleece ®. When our Minnesota wind chills are -30, windproof is major. This really works.

Open Airways

As you can see in the picture with our friend Max here, your nose is covered, but open at the bottom for breathing. And there are holes in front of your mouth that help with breathing.

Fleece Neck Gator

The part that wraps around your neck is 200-weight Polertec® fleece, which is also very cozy. Not windproof, but I haven’t noticed any problem with that on my neck. My jacket is zipped up as high as possible anyway.

It attaches in the back with velcro, so is adjustable for size.

It’s Not Bulky

And it’s easy to get on and off without having to take off my gloves.

So Warm!

When I’m on a run or ski, even in -10, I usually have to remove the face mask after the first mile or so. Once I’m warmed up I don’t need it anymore but without it, that first mile would be a killer.

I usually don’t wear mine unless the temps are down in the single digits to begin with.

Machine Washable and Dryer-Friendly

Like any fleece, it’s very easy to care for. I’ve had mine in the washer and dryer several times with no loss of warmth or windproofness (not a word, but it works).

What I don’t like

The only thing I don’t like about this face mask — which maybe would the case with any face mask — is it doesn’t work with sunglasses.

The sun’s glare on the snow can be blinding, and I’ve found when I wear sunglasses and the mask together, the glasses fog up, even with the breathing holes.

I haven’t tried a de-fogger for the glasses, which may work. So far I’ve just tried to do without the glasses, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t.

It works best to get my outdoor activity in before the sun is too high, or after it’s low on the horizon later on. Then the sun isn’t so bright.

Where to buy it

I found mine at REI. It’s available at almost any retailer that sells high-quality winter gear…Fleet Farm, Gander Mountain, Dick’s Sporting Goods, probably ski shops.

Of course you can buy it right from the Seirus website too, and it’s actually a bit cheaper there.

Mine is basic black. It matches my gloves, headband and running pants. They also make the neck gator section in fun colors if you’d like a little more pizzazz.

The retails price is right around $25, although you might be able to find a late-season special. I’ve seen them at 50% off at some retailers in late winter.

(NOTE: This is one item you don’t want to share with anyone — unless you enjoy sharing snot!)

Max wears the Seirus facemask combo

The final word

A definite must for northern climate outdoor winter activities! Then the wind and cold won’t scare you away.

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