Book Review: The Paddleboard Bible

book review: the paddleboard bible

While it’s true the best way to learn an activity is by doing it, The Paddleboard Bible: The Complete Guide to Stand-Up Paddleboarding by Dave Price is a great resource for anyone who’s interested in getting into this wildly popular paddle sport.

And it’s a great resource for anyone who already SUPs (stand-up paddleboards) and is eager for ways to expand their horizons on their board.

Lastly, this book was authored and published in the UK, which expands our understanding of just how broad this paddle sport it. While it started in the surfing culture of Hawaii, it’s quickly spread worldwide.

It’s fun to read a great resource like this that’s applicable around the globe.

Why You’ll Enjoy Owning “The Paddleboard Bible”

Notice I said “owning” and not “reading.” That’s because for reason #1:

A RELIABLE RESOURCE. This book is a resource book. Some of it will apply now. Some will apply later as you grow in the sport. It’s sort of like a bird or flower guide—you can always go back to it when you want to learn something new. It’s not just a “once read, donate to Goodwill” kind of book.

APPLIES TO NEW AND EXPERIENCED PADDLEBOARDERS. No matter how long you’ve been paddleboarding—from never to often—you’ll find something in this book for you. New SUPers, especially, though will benefit since the entire book can relate to your SUP journey at some point.

PLENTY OF PICTURES. This is a very colorful book (starting with the gorgeous cover) with lots of both photos and illustrations. You won’t get overwhelmed by large blocks of text! This makes it easy to read in small chunks if that’s your thing.

READABLE, COMFORTABLE WRITING STYLE. Author, Dave Price, writes to the beginning paddleboarder. He sprinkles in “industry speak” but explains as he goes, making it user and beginner-friendly. And since Dave is from the UK, there’s some British jargon sprinkled in here there that’s fun for us Americans to read!

MAKES YOU WANT TO TRAVEL MORE. Paddleboarding is, as the book says, the fasted growing paddlesport in the world. With photos and paddling suggestions from and for around the world, it’s quite inspirational for those of us who love to travel.

The Paddleboard Bible inside spread
These pics and descriptions make us want to paddle there!

EMPHASIS ON THE HEALTH BENEFITS OF SUP. Anyone who’s followed Active Outdoor Women for any length of time knows we highly stress the health benefits of outdoor activities. This book includes this topic, which we heartily approve of!

SUP GAMES, ANYONE? If you want to challenge yourself to get better, SUP games are a great way to do that. Dave includes a section on various games for two or more people on their paddleboards. Great for families with kids and great for people who are a bit scared to fall off. After these games you’ll have fallen off so many times it won’t be scary anymore 🙂

EMPHASIS ON PADDLING SAFETY. While paddlesports are, overall, very safe, anytime you’re around water there’s some risk. The Paddleboard Bible covers all the potential hazards you need to know about including river obstacles, currents and tides, cold water and weather.

EXPLAINS DIFFERENT TYPES OF SUP. While the newbie might think “SUP is SUP” there are lots of different ways to paddleboard in lots of different venues. Boards are shaped differently depending on the venue and activity. This book covers all that.

NATURE AND WILDLIFE EMPHASIS. The author is obviously a nature lover as he describes and pictures various wildlife and habitats in the book. Afterall, this is one of paddleboarding’s biggest draws.

Final Words

YOU’LL STILL NEED HANDS-ON LEARNING. That goes without saying with any physical activity.

We suggest you either take a SUP lesson locally on an easy body of water to get a bit of experience, then grab this book and read it. Or grab the book first, read it, then sign up for a lesson or two to experience what you’ve just read.

While you can, of course, just rent a board, climb on and paddle away into the sunset, there’s enough technical details about SUP that an official lesson is really helpful. It’ll absolutely be worth the money.

The Paddleboard Bible inside spread

WHERE TO BUY THE PADDLEBOARD BIBLE. The Paddleboard Bible is available on Amazon. The cover price is $25 USD, which is sometimes more than we’re used to spending on a paperback book. But for a niche book of this type and quality it’s not overpriced.

And like I said earlier, it’s one you’ll hang on to for years and go back to when you’re ready for something new in your paddleboard world.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR. Dave Price is a certified SUP instructor in the UK. He also leads SUP expeditions, with his wildlife tours being especially popular.

(Disclaimer: I received a review copy of The Paddleboard Bible at no cost to me. I was not paid to write this review. All opinions are my own. The Amazon link is not an affiliate link.)

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