Outdoor Family

Active outdoor women influence our own families, and we can influence others, too. It’s the best way to pass on our love of the outdoors.

For those of us who are parents, the best way to pass on our love of and appreciation for the outdoors is to make it part of our family life.

When we raise our kids immersed in the outdoors, in nature, in outdoor activities, they’re more likely to stay immersed when they grow up.

I was blessed to be raised by parents with a love for the outdoors. My siblings and I all have that same love deeply instilled in us, and have included the outdoors in raising our own kids.

If you’re single, never had children or are an empty nester—there are kids you can influence, too: relatives, neighbors, friends’ kids, grandkids.

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Outdoor Volunteering

A great way to get outdoors, stay active and help others is to volunteer for outdoor non-profits, government organizations and ministries. Outdoor volunteering opportunities are almost endless — certainly more than…