Outdoor Activities = Endless Possibilities

jamie on the high cliffs trail
My daughter, Jamie, near the Minnesota/Ontario international border

Outdoor activities can be as simple as a walk through your neighborhood.

Or they can be as complex as a multi-family vacation to an outdoors destination across the country or the globe.

Which Activity is the Best?

The best outdoor activity for you to do is the one (or two…or three) you love and will do!

Actually, I’ll qualify that. You want to pick at least one outdoor activity you enjoy that you can do locally and regularly (walk, hike, bike, run, swim…). And it’s also great if there’s one or more you love that gives you a good excuse for a weekend trip or longer vacation.

Make it Social

Outdoor activities are wonderful to do with others—your spouse, kids, friends. Our family has tons of great memories from family vacations and camping trips. We started invited their friends along regularly, which has given us even more great memories.

In fact, I think doing outdoor activities together is great for relationships. When some of my girlfriends want to get together, I’ve started inviting some of them on a hike at a local park with me instead of going out for coffee.

Let’s Start with These…

Here at Active Outdoor Women we focus on activities that are most accessible to everyone: hiking, camping, paddling and snow sports like cross country skiing and snowshoeing.

We like our activities nature-based and human-powered. (The exception is horseback riding…but that’s because horses are just so wonderful!)

A Boundary Waters Canoe trip—one woman in our group had never done it before!

Go to Amazing Places to Be Outdoors in Nature

If you really want to get inspired, plan a trip to hike, paddle, camp (whatever your favorite activity is) to an amazing place across your state or across the country—even across the world if it works for you.

It keeps us dreaming. It’s a good motivator to stay in shape. Trips like these builds memories. They also build relationships.

Learn New Things ~ Challenge Yourself

Outdoor activities are a super way to stay curious, keep learning and challenge yourself. We’re never too old to learn something new…and doing so keeps us young at heart.

So…what outdoor activity have you always wanted to do or learn? What outdoor destination have you always wanted to see for yourself?

Why not this year?

[This post was first published in March 2015 and has been updated.]

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