Organic Dry Shampoo for Pennies

organic dry shampoo
My husband, Nick, and I on a camping trip

How would you like an organic dry shampoo that only costs pennies per application?

As you can see, my hair is fine and I don’t have a whole lot of it! (I’m the one on the left)

I’ve always had to wash my hair every day, which can be a royal pain when we’re camping. Especially when we’re somewhere without even a bathroom, much less a shower (such as the Boundary Waters).

An amazing product called “dry shampoo” but…

So a few years ago I heard of an amazing product called “dry shampoo.”

It sounded like it was made for me! True to form, I did an online search to find the best brand. Then I tried a couple of them.

They sort of worked…but the nozzles on both cans gave out long before I had used most of the contents. They weren’t pricey — $5 or less — but still, I expected better.

Back to the drawing board.

The #1 ingredient in organic dry shampoo

I started to notice a small trend in some of the online comments. Women were saying that the #1 ingredient in organic dry shampoo is…cornstarch.

Yes, the same cornstarch you have in your kitchen cupboard and use to thicken stew.

So rather than forking over the money to buy the branded dry shampoo, they were going straight for the cornstarch.

What did I have to lose? I always keep a ready supply anyway so I tried it.

And do you know what I discovered?

two women hiking in the mountains
It’s places like National Parks where this “dry shampoo” comes in so handy—no showers for a few days!

Cornstarch: It works!

That may not mean much to those of you who only have to wash your hair once a week, but it’s a godsend for women like me who’ve washed daily our whole lives.

My husband still makes fun of me, but I don’t care. I keep a small container of it in a bathroom drawer to use at home. Since I work from home, my hair doesn’t need to look fabulous every day. (I wear it in a pony tail most days anyway!)

And it means I don’t have to wear a baseball cap or bandanna half the time when we’re camping. Although by the third day if I can’t wash, the baseball cap comes on.

How it works

It’s simple. When you rub small amounts of cornstarch into your scalp, it soaks up any oils that are there.

That’s it.

No water necessary. No expensive (or inexpensive) product needed.

One caution: cornstarch on your clothes won’t harm them, but you’ll have to wash it out. It won’t just brush off.

Give it a try

At less than $1.50 per pound you can hardly go wrong. That pound will last you a year or more (even when using it for cooking too).

My hair is light enough that the white color blends in as long as I rub it in well. If your hair is dark, you may need to experiment. Some people recommend you add half the amount of unsweetened cocoa powder to the cornstarch for dark hair.

Give it a try. What do you have to lose?

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