Gear Review: Marmot PreCip Jacket

hiking in wyoming with marmot precip jacket
Wearing my Marmot Precip Jacket on a mountain hike

This is my go-to jacket for so many outdoor activities: hiking, paddling, biking, camping, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing. Even though it’s a shell, it’s windproof and waterproof, and all I need to do is wear the right layering underneath and I’m set.

I originally bought it as a rain jacket when I was training for a half marathon back in my running days. I could wear it running in as cold as -10º F with a base layer and light fleece, and been just fine.

Why I love it

So Lightweight

9.6 ounces, to be exact. I can hardly tell it’s on. Unlike a couple of other shells I’ve had, I don’t feel like I’m wearing a light coat. It’s not stiff or “loud” either (all crinkly sounding).

When I’m ready to take it off, it’s easy to tie around my waist without a lot of distracting bounce.

Stream-Lined Fit

I don’t like tight, but I don’t like too loose for a workout jacket. This one is just right (although I did have to size up to be able to fit a sweatshirt under it!). And the sleeves are long enough — a big deal for me. The cuffs are adjustable with velcro tabs. That’s handy going when wearing gloves of various thicknesses.

The hood isn’t removable, but it lays nice off and fits nice on. I see the hood now rolls up on the newest model.

Pit Zips!

I’ll never buy another rain jacket without them. I don’t know who first thought of zippers in the armpits, but I’d like to shake your hand. A great feature for a workout jacket — it cools me off while still having protection from the weather.

Lots of Color Choice

I did most of my running, and much of my walking, on the roads around my house — we don’t have sidewalks in our town — so I want drivers to be able to see me easily. My PreCip is apple green. Fun and visible, but not obnoxious.

TIP: If you enjoy photography in the outdoors, keep in mind that wearing bright colors makes people really pop in the photos against the natural backdrops of nature!

snowshoeing with the marmot pre-cip jacket
The Marmot PreCip is a great snowshoeing jacket, too!

It Really is Windproof

Which is why I can wear it when I’m out in the cold temps in our Minnesota winters. My fingers might be cold…my toes might be cold…but my body is not cold thanks to this jacket. Cutting the wind is key.

It Really is Waterproof

…at least for the first year. I found out later that the waterproofing (of all products) wears off eventually. I’ve applied things like Nikwax, which helps.

I was told when I first bought mine not to wash it more than once a year so the waterproofing wouldn’t wear off too soon.

Marmot’s new NanoPro technology may have improved that.

Where to buy it

Many of the retailers that sell quality outdoor brands like Marmot carry the PreCip jacket. Some retailers, like Moosejaw, offer pretty discounts.

The final word

My first PreCip was pretty ragged from almost daily use over three seasons in four years. The nylon took a beating from getting caught in the zippers, rolled up and thrown around, caught on tree branches, etc.

I bought another to replace it. It’s already been through mountain hiking, bushwhacking in the Boundary Waters and downhill skiing in Colorado.

And one more fun thing…after wearing a Marmot for a few years, we finally saw a marmot…in Wyoming! Cute, eh?

marmot in the mountains
A real, live marmot in Wyoming. They’re very curious creatures.

(This was originally published in 3/2015 and has been updated.)

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