Hike to Lost Creek Falls (Cornucopia, Wisconsin)

hike to lost creek falls

We hiked the 3-mile out-and-back Lost Creek Falls Trail for the first time during fall color season. What’s already a very beautiful wooded trail was made extra pretty with the bright reds and yellows.

Here’s why you’ll want to check out this trail, too…

What We Loved about Lost Creek Falls Trail

fall color
The combination of fall color and morning sunlight was spectacular!

The Blended Forest

Lots of maples, oaks, aspen and birch to provide bright fall color—plus the darker evergreens for a nice deep-green contrast. The forest is quite open, providing lots of views into the woods.

There are several very large trees along the trail, which is something I always love. I like to take the tree hugger photos to get an idea of scale 🙂

tree huggers
The biggest trees along the trail are mostly white pine

The Well-Maintained Trail

Even though we hiked in early October, there had been a lot of rain all summer, including recently. There was a bit of mud, but a pretty lengthy boardwalk system on sections of the trail provide dry footing.

One thing I noticed about the boardwalk—it was curvy. Amazing how one little element like that adds interest to something ordinary! I wonder how many others notice that?

boardwalk trail
The curvy boardwalk is a nice design touch!

It’s pretty easy going here. There are some drops into the creek valley as you make your way closer to the falls, which means, of course, a bit of a climb heading back. Nothing strenuous, though.

Lost Creek and Lost Creek Falls

The falls themselves aren’t big, but the setting is so picturesque and the water of the creek so clear that they seem almost magical.

There are several very nice angles for taking pictures, both with and without people in them.

Lost Creek is picturesque, too. We didn’t explore along the creek below the falls very far, but that could be an adventure in itself, perhaps.

leaves in the creek
Fallen leaves in the clear waters of the creek

A Great Trail for the Whole Family

Kids 5 or 6 and up could do this trail quite easily. The reward halfway through is the water in the creek and the falls. What a great place to splash around on a hot summer day! Rock-hopping, looking for frogs and exploring behind the falls would keep them busy for a long time.

Plan to bring a picnic to eat on the rocks at the creek to fortify everyone for the hike back.

Leashed dogs are welcome on the trail—be sure and pick up any poo and pack it out with you.

red maple leaves
Red maple leaves starting to change

How To Get There

The trailhead to Lost Creek Falls is just outside the tiny town of Cornucopia, which is on the west side of the Bayfield Peninsula, very near Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.

So if you’re planning a trip to the Apostle Islands, this is a hike to put on your to-do list while you’re there.

From Highway 13 in Corny, take County C (east then south) just over two miles to Trail Drive, which only goes right/west. That’ll take you to the trailhead.

Our hike was on a weekday in the fall. I expect weekends and summertime the trail gets pretty busy, and the parking area is small.

lost creek falls hike

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