Gear Review: P-Kits, Women’s Bathroom Solution

P-Kit image
(photo courtesy of BioGo)

P-Kits is a perfect example of a woman starting a business to fulfill a need she had herself, to the benefit of outdoor-loving women everywhere!

[Technically, this article isn’t a review yet, as I’ve just learned about this company recently and haven’t had a chance to try the product. Once I do, I’ll update this with my thoughts.]

It’s never easy to be a woman in the wilderness when it comes to the bathroom situation. Whether it’s everyday needs or dealing with menstruation, it can be a downright pain!

But here’s a product that helps us out:

P-Kit: Your On-the-Go Mobile Bathroom Solution

Each P-Kit is a one-time-use travel kit, just 2.5×1.5 inches in size. This kit contains a:

  • Pellet that transforms into a bamboo towel, activated with water from your water bottle
  • Cloth for an organic soapy wipe, also activated with water
  • Toilet seat cover that doubles as a dry towel
  • Funnel, made from the outer package, so you can “stand up and go just like the guys” if you need to

Each of these components is dye-free and perfume-free, and is completely biodegradable. Once you’ve done your business, everything fits back into the funnel to either throw away, pack out or bury…depending on the regulations of your location.

Pkit components
(photo courtesy of BioGo)

Can you see how this little kit can make life so much easier on hikes, backpacking trips, canoe trips, camping trips and whatever other outdoor adventure you’ll be on?

You can even keep one handy in your purse or car for those “just in case” scenarios when you’re can’t wait anymore! Are you scared of porta-potties and outhouses because of sanitation? Keep a P-Kit handy.

I asked Sandra if the funnel really works (haha)…and the answer is “Yes! It makes things go in the direction you want it to!”

The Story Behind P-Kits

BioGo, the business behind P-Kits, was founded and is owned by Dr. Sandra Skovlund. She’s an ENT surgeon who frequently works in Africa and other countries where a clean bathroom can be scarce-to-non-existent.

Sandra says, “I came up with the idea out of necessity—through lots of traveling and realizing there’s a lot of unpredictability of what you find. And it doesn’t matter if you’re traveling in another country or here, it can be the same anywhere.”

Sandra brainstormed many possible markets for her idea before launching in 2019, and still had a surprise: She had a table at a weekend holiday expo and found her product sold like gang-busters as stocking-stuffers!

She’s talked to women who lead group hikes with other women. She learned that women’s first consistent question is: “What about the bathroom situation?” Many shy away from long hikes because of lack of a bathroom.

mountaintop outhouse
See that little log building behind us? That’s an outhouse, near the summit of 9,500-foot Black Mountain in the Bighorns. A perfect time for P-Kits!

P-Kits’ Social Initiatives

P-Kits is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. One very unique aspect of the business is its partnership with a local non-profit called Opportunity Partners for assembly. The assembly of the products are done by people with disabilities.

It gets better: The majority of BioGo’s proceeds from the sale of P-Kits and its other products go to support overseas medical work (or in Covid times, to local initiatives).

Sandra adds, “We are B-Corp certified. It’s a really rigorous process that you go through. You’ve made a commitment to have some sort of social cause. We have to answer hundreds of questions about our business practices and have to re-certify every year. It’s a validation for donors, buyers and partners.”

And Baby-Kit, Too

If you’re a mom with babies and toddlers, or a grandma who cares for your teeny grandkids, BioGo also makes a Baby-Kit (click then scroll down to see it). You don’t have to worry about being on the go with them while carting around 10 pounds of diaper gear!

Pack a Baby-Kit or two and save space, weight and hassle.

To learn more about P-Kits and BioGo, go to the P-Kits website or Facebook page.