It’s About So Much More than Outdoor Recreation

The outdoors is an ideal environment for discipleship.

As Christians we most often think of discipleship as it relates to our spiritual life.

Here at Active Outdoor Women we agree with that…but we also see discipleship as it relates to other things, too. Like wilderness skills. Outdoor activity skills. Learning things about nature. And spiritual growth.

Being a lifelong disciple of Jesus can include learning about and appreciating this wonderful world He created…

  • Sitting in awe next to a roaring waterfall or crashing ocean waves…
  • Looking up into the night sky, seeing the Milky Way spread across it, recognizing and naming the constellations…
  • Standing on a mountain summit with a 360º view around us…
  • Seeing a tiny wildflower blooming on the forest floor and knowing what it is

It can include paddling a canoe or kayak, going on a backpacking trip, camping in or near the wilderness, or hiking a challenging trail.

And outdoor adventure and experiences can build character (and reveal character) in pretty profound ways.

Part of discipleship—and one Jesus taught His followers—can be to observe things in His world and apply them to our journey with God.

Those kinds of life application lessons overflow as we experience life in the outdoors:

Spiritual Growth

Outdoor Mentoring

Jesus & Nature

Whole Health