Design and Beauty in Nature

design in nature

Again I’ve been reminded of the incredible design and beauty in nature—because of reading Exodus (in the Bible).

The last few chapters of Exodus describe God’s instructions to Moses about constructing a tabernacle—a place of worship for the Israelites.

These instructions go into incredible detail down to…

  • the shapes of decoration sewn along the hem of the priests’ robes (pomegranates)
  • the type of stone to engrave (onyx and beryl)
  • the type of wood to use for the ark (acacia)
  • the colors for the tapestries (scarlet, blue and purple)
  • measurements, materials and appearance

And all to be made skillfully, whether woven, carved or engraved. And all “…for honor and for beauty.”

Something I always think about when comparing “theories” of origin:

  • God loves beauty, intricacy, color. Just look at the world around us. It’s part of His nature, so He put it in the natural world. He instructed His people to do the same in building the place of worship (both in Exodus and later when Solomon built the temple in Jerusalem).
  • Impersonal forces of evolution would have no reason to include beauty. It makes no sense in terms of survival.

And God doesn’t make beauty just to show it off. Some of the most beautiful details of the tabernacle were hidden away in the Holy of Holies, where only the high priest would see it once a year.

He put delicate alpine flowers hidden away at the tops of mountains. Stunning butterflies hidden deep in tropical jungles. Super-nova light years away, hidden from our eyes until we developed instruments powerful enough to see them.

He made them for His pleasure. And He created us to love and appreciate beauty too. I think He delights in our own delight when we discover some new beauty.

And that’s just the beauty we see. What about the sounds? The smells? The textures?

While you’re going about your business today, pay attention to the beauty around you. The details. And think of a good God who created it all for His own enjoyment—and for yours!