Gear Review: Columbia Omni-Heat Beanie

omni-heat beanie

Columbia’s Omni-Heat techonology is what makes this flimsy little beanie so warm! It’s great under knit hats to keep the wind out.

I was looking for a very thin lightweight headband, actually, to wear under my riding helmet and found this on the clearance rack of  our local Dick’s Sporting Goods.

It’s an amazing little hat! Unfortunately, it’s not available any more! But I wanted to review it anyway in case you stumble across something like it.

Why I Love It

The Omni-Heat Works

Whatever that thin reflective material is made from, I couldn’t believe how warm and windproof it is in such a thin layer. This one goes lower to completely cover my ears.

I assume Columbia’s other omni-heat items work just as well.


I don’t wear this beanie alone…I think it would look goofy! But it’s so thin that it’s perfect to wear under other head gear when the weather requires it.

I wear it under my riding helmet, under the baseball hat I use for running, and under my very cool-looking wool hat that’s warm but not wind-resistant.

Easy Care

This is one of my requirements for any clothing or gear I get. I’ve thrown this in the washer and dryer several times with no noticeable loss of effectiveness.

Where to Buy It

It doesn’t look like this particular one is available anymore…at least it’s not on Columbia’s website. They do have other beanies with omni-heat though. Like other items, they’ll have the best selection of color.

Lots of other retailers that deal in quality outdoor gear will carry this too. Like most winter gear, you’ll get your best price at the end-of-the-season clearance sales if there are any left.

The Final Word

This little beanie has been one of the best $10 I’ve ever spent (clearance rack). I use it in conjunction with other head gear I already own when I need windblock in a thin layer.

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