Beauty in the Ordinary

beauty in the ordinary

Do you look for beauty in the ordinary things of life? It’s easy to take “ordinary” beauty for granted. But it’s out there, and will enrich our souls if we …

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Good News about Moderate Exercise and Longevity

moderately active is good

(Updated 1/12/22) Here’s some very good news about the connection between regular moderate exercise and longevity—not just a longer life, but a more enjoyable life! If you really don’t like …

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Gear-Up for the Coming Cold Weather!

gear up for the cold

For many of us, moving into autumn means moving into cold weather. That doesn’t have to mean hibernation!! I’ve found there are two major factors in not retreating indoors during …

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Bear Safety: Grizzly Bear Territory

Bear Safety

Some of North America’s most magnificent mountain ranges and national parks are prime grizzly bear habitat. That doesn’t mean be scared away. But learn to be bear aware and practice …

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Snowshoeing: How to Get Started

get started snowshoeing

Snowshoeing is one of the most accessible outdoor winter activities. It’s also one of the easiest to get started in. No athletic ability is required—if you can walk, you can …

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Fall Camping: What Do You Need to Know?

fall camping

Fall is a wonderful time for camping. If you live in the south, the temps are finally cooling off. If you live in the north it’s an especially beautiful time …

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