Let’s Go Hiking!

bighorn mountains hike

Hiking is one of the most accessible ways to get into nature in an intimate way. It’s slow. It gives us time to experience our surroundings as we go. We …

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Why We Need Healthy Bones

healthy bones

I’m in my mid-50s, so bone health is on my mind a lot. If you’re still a 20 or 30-something, maybe it’s never occurred to you. But bone health is …

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Kayak vs. Canoe vs. Paddleboard

kayak canoe or paddleboard?

Kayak or canoe or stand-up paddleboard—which is best? It depends! Paddlesports, especially kayaking, have been growing exponentially here in the US during this COVID-19 season. There are several reasons for …

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How to Find Local Parks & Trails

find local parks and trails

2020 is the perfect year to find local parks, trails, waterways and campgrounds that are new-to-you. You know how most of us think we have to go on a road …

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