Outdoor Volunteering

outdoor volunteers

A great way to get outdoors, stay active and help others is to volunteer for outdoor non-profits, government organizations and ministries. Outdoor volunteering opportunities are almost endless — certainly more than …

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The Many Benefits of Nature

health benefits of nature

I used to think getting outside was simply personal preference for a few of us who are wired that way. That some of us choose it because we feel a …

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Why Should We Get Outdoors?

oberg mountain overlook

We live on a beautiful planet. We’re designed to respond to its beauty, serenity, power, majesty. We’re also designed to move — a lot! And when our bodies spend a …

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Why Your Worldview Matters

This isn’t a political, theological or philosophical site. It’s a site about women getting and staying active in the great outdoors. Especially we older women. Pretty benign. Pretty noncontroversial. Why …

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