Gear Review: Black Hills Pants from Duluth Trading Co.

black hills pants duluth trading

My Black Hills Pants from Duluth Trading Co. have become my go-to cold weather pants. I absolutely LOVE them!

I had been drooling over them in their catalog for a few months. Then one day I had the blessed good fortune to find a pair in my size in the clearance room of their Fridley, Minnesota store. That was last August (2016). I paid less than $30 for them.

After having worn them dozens of times starting in October in all types of outdoor activities, I can honestly say they’re well worth their full price of $79.50.

Why I Love ‘Em

Sooooo Comfortable!

Between the soft inner lining and the stretch material, these get a comfort level of 10-out-of-10. Bending over, sitting, moving every which way—no problem.

Cozy-Soft Inner Lining

Besides the comfort, part of their warmth is the inner lining of “a skin-pampering treat.” It’s true. It feels like micro-fleece.

Water and Wind Resistant

This is the other part of the warmth. Anything that helps cut the wind is great for cold weather. The outer material is breathable, but weather resistant. The perfect combination. Snow and rain bead off, dirt brushes off.

These aren’t warm enough for walks on our colder winter days in Minnesota. So when the temps dip below the upper-20s I add a thin layer underneath—perfect.

When it gets into the teens and single digits, I add my fleece pants overtop—perfect again.

Neither the soft lining or the outer shell sticks to other fabrics. Another plus!


When I buy something from Duluth Trading Co., I know it’ll be tough enough to wear for real outdoor activity.

The first opportunity I had was for our annual weekend of wood chopping and hauling. I wasn’t worried about snags or rips, because I know they’re built to last.

They Fit Great

One of the reasons I love Duluth Trading Co. for pants is they come in three different lengths. I can get them long enough! And these (straight leg) pants fit my body shape just right.

Several Real Pockets

One of my beefs with women’s pants is the “fake” pockets. It’s ridiculous!

These have honest-to-goodness deep pockets in the front—lined with the same soft and warm goodness as the legs. They also have a snap-button pocket on each outer thigh big enough for a phone, coin purse, trail map or what have you.

Where to Buy ‘Em

Duluth Trading Company. If you happen to live nearby one of their retail stores in the Upper Midwest, shop there. If not, go to

Get on their mailing list and you’ll receive regular catalogs. Sign up for the email list and you’ll receive regular discount and sale info.

(2020 Update: I’m very sad to report Duluth Trading no longer carries these! They do have a line called Flexpedition pants now, though, and some are fleece-lined.)

The Final Word

The Black Hills Pants are ideal for any outdoor activity once it dips into the 50s and below. You may have to add additional layers when it gets to be real winter temps, but that’s easily done.

I like to wear these shopping on frigid winter days when I know I’ll be running in and out of several stores.

If you can find them in your size on one of DTC’s clearance sales like I did, great! But they’re worth paying full price for, too.

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