About Sharon

That’s me, in beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park

Like you, I wear many hats. Wife to my husband, Nick (for 29 years now). Mom to our three kids (in their 20s) and mom-in-law to one. Business owner. Recently retired piano teacher and worship team director for my church.

I love being and doing those things. They bring fulfillment…joy…some of them bring an income…!

No matter what hats I’ve worn over the years or what stage of life I’ve been in, I’ve always loved being outdoors. And I’ve always taken time to get out there. I’m an active outdoor woman!

I remember being a little girl and spending hours outside — climbing trees…taking our dog with me for long walks in the woods…beaches and bike rides with my brothers and sisters.

There’s something about nature that’s always been comforting, restful, amazing and compelling for me. I just want to be out in it. Its beauty speaks to me. It’s majesty pulls me in.

I think it’s mostly because I feel so close to God there. His handiwork is incredible. His creativity is astounding. I believe what we see in nature is a reflection of who He is (except the mosquitoes and spiders!).

Near Jackson, Wyoming—high up in the Teton Range

It’s not just nature I love — but wilderness. There aren’t too many places we can go in the continental US anymore that are true wilderness. But to be in those pockets is amazing.

Some of my favorite trips have been destination trips to a specific location known for its beauty.

The most memorable trip of my childhood was a 3-week family vacation we took to Alberta, Canada. That trip included camping in the Canadian Rockies and Glacier National Park in Montana. I was 15.

When I was in college I took road trips with friends during our breaks. That’s when I first got to see the Grand Canyon and the Appalachian Mountains (not in the same trip).

A turning point in my younger life was a summer volunteering at a Christian ministry in northern Minnesota. I had just graduated from college. I spent the summer as a camp counselor, and part of our summer was spent bringing kids into the Boundary Waters for 5-to-10 days at a time.

That began a lifelong love for the Arrowhead region of Minnesota. I’m still tightly connected with that ministry and spend several weeks a year in that area.

My husband and I have been able to give our kids the gift of an active outdoor lifestyle that’s included camping, fishing, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, hunting, cross country skiing, ice fishing, sitting around campfires at night, and seeing wildlife (not usually around the campfire, but sometimes!).

Sharon's family in the BWCA
Nick and I with our three great kids in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in northeastern Minnesota (2012)

Not only have our kids loved those times, they’ve brought their friends along and introduced them to the wilderness, too.

Brodin family
Our family in the fall of 2018

I love what I do here in the Twin Cities — my client work, my teaching and work in music, my involvement with our church,  my friends and family here.

But my heart is also in the outdoors. The woods, the mountains, the lakes and rivers. The wild life and wild flowers.

It’s part of how God wired me.

If you’re like that too, you’re in the right place!

And if you live in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, I invite you to check out another website of mine, Twin Cities Outdoors. You’ll find all kinds of resources about our local parks, trails, waterways and campgrounds.