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“Ordinary”—Let’s be Real

You don’t have to be a cover girl for REI, an Olympic athlete or a marathoner to be an active outdoor woman. In fact, sometimes the models used in the outdoor industry ads are super intimidating.

If we have to be young, slim, ripped and have the freedom and budget (or corporate sponsorship) to fly to Patagonia or Tanzania to do our outdoor stuff, we might as well forget it!

Here at Active Outdoor Women we’re not pros or extreme sports fanatics. Just ordinary women who love to go to awesome outdoor places and do fun, active things. That can be in our own neighborhoods, across the country, or across the world.

We love to be out there with our husbands and kids, grandkids, extended family and friends. We love to invite others along who haven’t had the experiences we have, because they’ll probably find out they love them, too!

It’s about health…wholeness…wonder…the love of beauty.

To learn more about this site, here are some pages to start with:

  • About Sharon will tell you my story…I’m the one who started AOW
  • Worldview will bring you to a discussion about my own Christian worldview and why that affects much of the content here
  • Get & Stay Fit is an overview of the many wonderful benefits outdoor recreation gives us

Then spend some time exploring some other areas of the site, especially the Blog. Here’s a sample:

And come back often — there are updates almost weekly. 🙂

We have a fun monthly email newsletter called Active Outdoor Journal. We cover topics that are health and fitness related, gear related and destination related. You can sign up here to have it delivered right to your inbox.

Welcome to the Active Outdoor Women community!

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