Take a 3-Minute Break and Be Refreshed [Video]

refresh your soul

Did you know even looking at pictures of Nature is good for us?

It’s true.

Studies have shown that being in nature…looking out the window at green spaces…even looking at a book with pictures of the natural world all contribute to health benefits for us.

So, why don’t you take a break right now.

Less than 3 minutes. Click the Play button on the video below. And be sure your sound is on—there’s some relaxing guitar music in the background! Not just a visual treat, but an audio treat, too.


Gratitude is one of the healthiest choices we can make. So is being physically active, especially outdoors! One of the things I love to do when walking outside is to thank God for His many blessings—the perfect combination.

Maybe this will be a motivator for you to:

  • Choose gratitude…
  • Choose to be active…
  • Plan a trip to a beautiful outdoors place…maybe one of these!

If you enjoy it, please leave a comment below!!

A few notes about the video…

Some of the locations

Some of the most beautiful places I’ve been are represented here: the Boundary Waters, northeastern Minnesota, Lake Superior’s North Shore, Banderas Bay on the west coast of Mexico, Badlands National Park in South Dakota, Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, the Beartooth Mountains in Montana and even my own neighborhood in east-central Minnesota.

(The pictures were taken by me, one of my kids or a friend.)

The original score

I used a piece of music my son, Jason, wrote for a Music Media class project as a high school junior (2 years ago). He also played the guitar and background keyboard in the recording.

I’m trying to get him to write more instrumental songs I can use, but trying to squeeze time out of a college student can be tricky 🙂

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