We believe nature is a gateway to experience God’s presence…

What’s an active outdoor woman? Take a peek!

And there’s no better way to enjoy it than to be active in it!

Women over 40 are the most likely of anyone—male or female—to stop being physically active, especially in the outdoors.

Here at Active Outdoor Women, we want to change that!

Physical activity is so important for our overall health. Not just our physical health, but our emotional, mental and spiritual health.

And studies show that nature gives our health a huge boost, too.

Join us as we explore physical activity and nature can heals and restores us, and help keep us whole in body, mind and spirit.


Nature displays God’s goodness and creativity

What’s even better than this amazing creation we live in?

The amazing Creator who made it!

When we look at the world around us, we see interdependence, exquisite detail and incredible complexity.

We see mind-boggling, ultra-intelligent design and order.

Canoeing the boundary waters

Outdoor activity boosts your relationships, too

Your daily walk, run, paddle or bike ride can be great “me” time. But taking others with you on your outdoor activities is wonderful, too!

Sharing our outdoor experiences in amazing outdoor places with others builds lasting memories. Whether it’s with our spouse, family or friends, nature is a wonderful place to be together.

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