Outdoor Activities…endless possibilities

we love the outdoors!
My daughter, Jamie, on the High Cliffs Trail near the Minnesota/Ontario international border

Outdoor activities can be as simple as a walk through your neighborhood.

It can be as complicated as a multi-family vacation to an outdoors destination across the country or the globe.

Which activity is the best?

The one you love and will do!

Actually, I’ll qualify that. You want to pick at least one outdoor activity you enjoy that you can do locally and regularly (walk, hike, bike, run, swim…). It’s also great if there’s one or more you love that’s a good excuse for a weekend trip, or longer vacation.

Make it social

Best is one or more your whole family enjoys doing together, or your group of friends, or you and your spouse.

There’s no way all possible outdoor activities can be included on AOW, so I won’t even try. Because I’m the founder, I get to choose which ones to highlight, which of course are the ones I like best.

Let’s start with these…

These are mostly activities that force us to provide the energy to move —  no motors, wind or gravity required. The exception is riding horses, but there’s a reason for that (besides the fact that I love it so much).

If your favorite outdoor activity isn’t talked about so much here, we’ll try to provide links to sites where it is talked about. Or you can start a site yourself!

You can start with your favorite…one you’ve always wanted to try…or one you don’t know much about…


Hiking and Running


Horses and Dogs