The Best Home Treadmills of 2017

best home treadmills

I have to laugh at myself for even thinking of writing a post about the best home treadmills. I hate walking and running inside! Always have.

But my husband hates going to the gym—and for some reason he can’t explain to me, he doesn’t want to walk outside! (I keep trying to get him to walk our dog when I’m gone.) And since I’d rather us invest in a treadmill than have him not walk at all, this review caught my eye.

The folks at recently tested 65 different models of treadmills suitable for home use and came up with 3 winners. Here’s my favorite line of their whole review:

“Treadmills aren’t glamorous—they’re just motorized belts that get you from point A to, well, point A, even though you’re doing a ton of work.”

Yes. So…

The criteria used to test the contenders

  • Motorized, not manual.
  • Work just as well for running or walking.
  • Home-friendliness—they ranked those higher that have wheels for easy moving and fold for storage.
  • Didn’t need all the many bells and whistles some come with. But basic technology features like heart rate, pace, and those kinds of metrics, plus wi-fi and MP3 connection.
  • And of course, how they felt and performed when the testers actually ran and walked on them, and how easy it was to change incline and speed in mid-stride.

I’m not going to rehash their article. You can read it here. (And it’s worth the read—they go into a fair bit of detail.) I’ll give you their top 3 picks…

The winners

best home treadmills
(screen shot courtesy’s choice for BEST OVERALL home treadmill is the SOLE F85. The good news is despite outperforming dozens of other models, the price tag is surprisingly affordable.

The price mentioned in the article (as seen in the screen shot here) is different than the price listed on the SOLE site ($1,999 today). But, it’ll be different at other vendors, too. Under $2,000 is still less than I was expecting.

MOST IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE winner, the Horizon T9 can only happen in the digital age! What they mean is, this treadmill (and others like it)

best home treadmills
(screen shot courtesy

takes you on a virtual tour on its 10-inch LCD screen while you’re stuck at point A. Apparently, it makes you think you’re actually getting somewhere 🙂

Maybe you already knew treadmills could do that. I, not being a treadmill lover, had no idea!

A note about the price here, too: when I clicked on the link to the JohnsonFit site, it was advertising a special price of $1,800 for just a few days.

Finally, winner for BEST FOR RACE

best home treadmills
(screen shot courtesy

PREP, the Freemotion 2500 GS.

The reason they chose this one? Not only does it incline like the rest, but it declines, too. After all, if you’re training for hills you’ll run down them as well as up—and you use different muscles doing it.

There’s a lot more info on’s The Best Treadmills of 2017 review. Click over there to read it all.

Road running vs. treadmill running

Here’s something else their review mentions that was good to read…

“Road running and treadmill running are not created equal.”

We found that out a few years ago first-hand on a 10-mile training run. My daughter and I had been training for a half marathon, as had two of our friends. The four of us decided to do our 10-miler together, and since our courses both had hills, we chose a very hilly part of town to run in.

Three of us had done all our running outside up to that point, but the fourth had only run inside on a treadmill so far. She was dying out there! Not that it was easy for any of us (especially me, who was the oldest by a couple decades!), but…

Between the hills (which were very large for us Midwesterners) and the snow (did I mention we had just gotten 6 inches of snow the night before…and it was in the single digits with a wind chill well below zero…the first weekend of April?!) it was a rougher run for our treadmill runner than the rest of us.

The way to compensate for that is to keep the incline at a 2-percent grade. Again, more on that in the review.

If you’re in the market for a home treadmill, now you have something to go on. Thanks,!

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